Recent Submissions

  • The Energy Act, 2019 

    Government of Kenya (2019)
    An ACT of Parliament to consolidate the laws relating to energy, to provide for National and County Government functions in relation to energy, to provide for the establishment, powers and functions of the energy sector ...
  • NuPEA Service Delivery Charter (Kiswahili) 

    NuPEA (2020)
    “UWAJIBIKAJI NA KUJITOLEA KATIKA UTOAJI WA HUDUMA BORA ZAIDI” Maelezo kuhusu huduma zozote ambazo haziambatani na viwango vilivyoonyeshwa hapo juu ama afisa yeyote ambaye hawajibiki katika utoaji wa huduma bora yanapasa ...
  • Strategic Plan Abridged Version 2020-2025 

    NuPEA (2020)
    The drive towards the use of nuclear power in Kenya’s electricity mix started in 2010 when the National Economic & Social Council (NESC) recommended its use to meet the growing electricity demand. In November 2010, the ...